he cares about me

DIANA: What happened today was an accident, that’s not who you are.
CASSIE: How do you know? 
DIANA: I just do. 


The First Time (2012)
Starring Dylan O’Brien & Britt Robertson

“It’s a high school romance, takes place over one weekend between a Friday night and a Sunday morning about two teenagers with no experience with love or romance, they sort of meet and have their first brush with falling in love and intimacy and physical intimacy over the course of this whirl-wind weekend spent together. I wanted to do something that could be a moment by moment account of what it’s like to meet something. So often, I felt like it’s two people, they meet, smile at each other and then they’re riding a two-seater bicycle down the street. I wanted to do something that wasn’t like that.” - Jonathan Kasdan

six favorite pictures → britt robertsonasked by dekkerss
six favorite pictures → britt robertson
asked by dekkerss